Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Ubong King, CEO, Protection Plus Services Limited (PPSL).

Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Ubong King, CEO, Protection Plus Services Limited (PPSL).

Empathetic, focused, charismatic, innovative, visionary and creative- these words describe Ubong Thompson King, Group Managing Director and Chief Exec

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Empathetic, focused, charismatic, innovative, visionary and creative- these words describe Ubong Thompson King, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Protection Plus Services Limited (PPSL), a corporate security company whose headquarters is in Sangotedo, Lekki-Epe express way, Lagos state, Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria with a BSc. Ed in Agriculture, but ventured into the security industry about 21 years ago, when he volunteered his time serving in the capacity of a guard for 3 years without pay. The stirring to build a career in the Security industry, has its roots in his intense dislike of seeing people lose their possessions.

Ubong is a man who has tasted failure, and understands what it means to be down, rejected by family and friends, and disappointed with himself; because he knows what it means to fail, it has motivated him to learn how to succeed and create value and impact from the ashes of defeat. He tried, without success, to set up a company which he named Guard It, but after a while, he closed it down and joined Pahek Security Service Limited, where he began to build his career in the security industry. After a stint of 3 years, he moved on, and has worked at: Alarm Centre Limited, Halogen Security Company Ltd, and XL Security & Protection Services Limited. He has worked consistently and tirelessly in this industry from his post university days till date and today, he consults for diplomatic communities in Nigeria, and some Government agencies in Nigeria and beyond. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, where he graduated from the Executive Management program (MSMP 47) and was elected class president of MSMP 47, and is a member of the Governing Council of the school.

Ubong has professional certifications from the United Kingdom: PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer), SSO (Ship Security Officer), and CSO (Company Security Officer).  He is a member of several professional bodies which include, the Nigeria –Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce of which he is a board member, Nigeria- South Africa Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria -China Business Council, Nigeria- German Business Association and is the current Chairman of the American Society for industrial Security (ASIS), Chapter 206, Nigeria.

Ubong is a man with a heart for God and lives his life by faith, which has been his backbone for taking the risks he does with his businesses and today, he has hundreds of staff spread in 6 countries and still growing- a feat he constantly attributes to the grace of God.

He is the President of The Kings‘men World, an African male mentoring platform, which is poised to address the absence of fatherhood and strong role models for Business, Leadership and Relationship in the African community. This project seeks to identify budding entrepreneurs and connect them with top African Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders for mentoring opportunities in the bid to motivate, influence and coach, with the intention to make a change in their lives by being a part of their stories, struggles, pressures and teaching them values, principles and the fundamentals of self, family and societal leadership.

Ubong is called the Apostle of the Market Place. He believes that God is his senior partner in the business arena, and is a most prolific speaker, who has spoken at business and church platforms. As Group Managing Director of PPSL, he is deeply passionate about the industry he operates in, and has a relentless commitment to raise the standards while creating better values in his industry, and developing human capital in his country of birth, Nigeria.

Ubong King is passionately committed to his family and is married to his wife of 13 years, Amb. (Mrs.) Unyime -Ivy King, who is a co-builder with him in the home and in business. They are blessed with 4 children: Adora-Edima, Jamon-Mfonabasi, Atara-Uyaiabasi and Sarah-Mbuotidem.



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    Daniel Egbe 2 years

    I am very proud you. Indeed you a true emblem of good leadership. May the wisdom of God which is profitable to lead continue to lead you in life. You remain my mentor.

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    Sam Bassey - Pat 2 years

    Ubong King is an enigmatic Leader, Mentor and Boss. God created him to transform so many lives and thinking. A good build up Strategist. Not regreting following him! I am a graduate of ‘Kingonomics”.

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    FAVOUR UBUA 2 years


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    Edeede Anyatung John 2 years

    #TBLFcareerday 27th August 2016 was so Inspiring and Motivating!
    **The time for ME to Swing into Action is NOW!!

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